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Evening Meals on Best of Caucasus Tours

Indulging in delightful culinary experiences is an integral part of our tours, and our evening meals are designed to be a highlight of your travel adventure. We believe that savoring a delicious meal in a unique setting adds a memorable dimension to your journey. Here’s what you can expect when dining with us:

Caucasian Cuisine

At the heart of Caucasian cuisine are dishes featuring fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Herbs, vegetables, grains, and an array of meats play a starring role.

Kebabs, both meat and vegetable, are a beloved staple, marinated and grilled to perfection. One iconic dish is “shashlik,” skewered and grilled meat often served with a tangy sauce.

Caucasian cuisine, like many regional cuisines around the world, places a significant emphasis on fresh vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetable salads are very popular in the region. Some main dishes feature fresh grape leaves or cabbage leaves stuffed with a mixture of rice, minced meat, and herbs.

Bread, particularly flatbreads like lavash and khachapuri, is a fundamental part of every meal, perfect for scooping up dips and stews. Cheese lovers will relish the famous Georgian khachapuri, a cheese-filled pastry that’s a true indulgence.

Caucasian cuisine also boasts an array of flavourful sauces and condiments, such as adjika and tkemali, which add a spicy or tangy kick to dishes. Pomegranates, walnuts, and various herbs are commonly used to add depth and richness to both savory and sweet dishes.

Fresh fruits like pomegranates, figs, and berries are commonly used in desserts. You’ll find them in pies, tarts, and sweet pastries, adding natural sweetness to your meal.

To accompany these delightful flavours, you can enjoy a range of beverages, from fragrant teas and local wines to spirits like chacha.

How Meals are Served

Local Cuisine: We’re passionate about showcasing the authentic flavors of each region we visit. Our menus are carefully curated to include local specialties and regional delicacies.

The meals can be presented as either fixed set menus or a communal dining experience, featuring a variety of approximately 6-7 distinct dishes. These selections include a mix of cold options like salads and warm dishes like vegetables and meat. All the dishes are placed on the table, allowing everyone to serve themselves and enjoy a diverse array of foods. It’s important to note that our meals always offer a balance of both vegetables and meat, ensuring a well-rounded culinary experience.

Variety and Exploration. At every destination on our tour, we make it a point to introduce you to the local gastronomic wonders. You will not find yourself confined to a hotel restaurant. Instead, you’ll experience dining at authentic local restaurants, and we make sure to vary the restaurant choices throughout your journey. We will never use the same restaurant during your trip.

Abundance: You can rest assured that you won’t go hungry. Our meals are generous, and there will always be an ample selection of dishes to satisfy your appetite. In the highly improbable situation where you might feel hungry, you have the option to order dishes from the à la carte menu at any time.

Special Dietary Needs: We understand that everyone’s dietary requirements are unique. Whether you’re a vegetarian, have food allergies, or follow specific dietary restrictions, we make it our priority to cater to your special needs. Just let us know in advance, and we’ll ensure your meals are prepared accordingly.

Beverages: To complement your meals, we provide tea, coffee, and water as part of our package, ensuring you stay refreshed throughout your dining experience. If you’d like to enjoy alcoholic beverages, these are available for purchase separately.

Our Restaurants and Menu Samples

Here are some restaurants we use on our tours.

Tbilisi Kutaisi Alhaltsikhe Kazbegi Signaghi
Baku Sheki  

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