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Cheap group tours – are they really a good value?

In this blog post we are looking at various cheap group excursions offered in internet via various tour bookings platforms. Are they really a good value for money? Is it worth creating an itinerary yourself or is it better booking a package holiday.

As travellers become more independent and more online resources become available to create a bespoke trip, we decided to summarise the pros and the cons when looking at cheap day trips in various destinations.

Although our holidays to the Caucasus are reasonably priced, the costs may seem expensive and many would ask, why should I book a package tour and not create my own trip as there are so many day trips on offer and I can easily reserve a room via internet. On the first glance, it may seem logical, however when you consider time and effort you require for research, comparison, reading reviews from various sources, the overall cost of your holiday may not be that attractive. On top, you will have to deal with various tour providers, hotels, writing emails, waiting for confirmations, etc. So, the whole process may be quite stressful.

Shall I book a cheap group excursion?


  • Large groups, normally over 20 people, travelling by coach.
  • No hotel pick up and drop off. Need to go to a specified place and find your guide.
  • Tours are dependent on the minimum number of participants, may be cancelled on a short notice.
  • No flexibility with a tour programme.
  • If you book multiple excursions, every day there will be different people in a group, a guide needs to adapt to a new group composition.
  • Travellers are coming from different countries, many do not have a good command of English, which prevents fluent interaction between group participants and a guide.
  • No financial protection of your holiday.


  • Cheap, sometimes even free of charge.
  • Opportunity to meet various people from different countries.

Based on the above, we really recommend booking a package. Each and every tour to the Caucasus offered by our company has been designed and tested by our in-house staff and our travel consultants have personally visited all the countries where we offer trips and as such we can advise on all aspects of any holiday.


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