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Travelling with the Best of Caucasus: How our tours are run

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Arrival: Your Journey Begins Smoothly

We understand that your travel experience begins the moment you step off the plane. That’s why we offer 24/7 transfer services to ensure your journey gets off to a hassle-free start.

Always ready to welcome you. No matter when your flight arrives, rest assured that one of our friendly and professional drivers will be waiting for you at the airport. Look out for a signboard with your name, a warm welcome that signifies the start of your holiday with us.

Flight monitoring for peace of mind. We take the stress out of travel by monitoring your flight’s status. If your flight is delayed or arrives ahead of schedule, don’t worry – our team will be informed and adjust your transfer accordingly.

Hotel check-in upon arrival. Once you’re in our capable hands, we’ll whisk you away to your chosen hotel. You won’t have to worry about the logistics; we’ve got it covered. Arriving at your hotel, you’ll find the check-in process seamless, allowing you to relax in your room and freshen up before your tour begins.

Time to rest. We understand that travel can be tiring especially when your flight arrives early in the morning, and your comfort is essential to us. After your transfer, you’ll have time to rest and recharge, ensuring you’re ready to fully enjoy the upcoming adventure. So, your excursions will usually start at 11 AM on the first day.

Emergency support around the clock. While we strive to make your journey as smooth as possible, we know that unexpected situations can arise. That’s why we provide you with a 24/7 emergency contact number. Should you encounter any problems at the airport, help is just a phone call / whatsapp message away.

Excursions: Your Perfect Day of Exploration

We’ve carefully designed our tours to provide you with a perfect balance of guided exploration and personal time.

Morning convenience. Your adventure begins with the friendly face of your knowledgeable guide, who will meet you right at your hotel in the morning. You’ll have enough time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast  before setting out on your journey. We normally start at 9 AM, except for the first day after your overnight flight when we begin our tours at 11 AM.

Please note, our guides always coordinate the start time with the group members, so the start time may vary as per group requirements / wishes.

Exploring landmarks. Our itineraries are thoughtfully crafted to showcase the most iconic and culturally significant landmarks of each destination. With your guide leading the way, you’ll have the opportunity to delve deep into the history, stories, and unique charm of each place you visit. We will provide comfortable modern transport.

Separate guide and driver. You will always be accompanied by an english-speaking guide and a driver. To ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, we have a dedicated approach that involves assigning separate roles to our guides and drivers. Guides are experts in providing information, context, and insights about the destinations you visit. They focus on enhancing your understanding and enjoyment of the tour. On the other hand, drivers are responsible for safe and efficient transportation, navigating the roads, and ensuring your comfort during travel.

Time with your guide. In the vibrant capital cities the evenings are usually free to allow you the flexibility to explore these bustling metropolises at your own pace. Later in the evenings, we bring the group together for a memorable dining experience. Your guide will accompany you to a carefully selected local restaurant.

When you travel outside the capital cities and stay overnight in provincial locations, your guide becomes your constant companion. This ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of these special places. Your guide will join you for dinner, sharing delightful conversations and insights into local cuisine. You can stay accompanied by your guide before going to bed, usually before 10 PM.

Flexibility with your personal time. We understand that every traveller has their own preferences. If you prefer more privacy or want to explore the evenings on your own, that’s absolutely fine. Your guide will respect your choice, giving you the freedom to explore as you wish. All areas where we operate our tours are safe, so there are no issues to walk around. Whether you seek camaraderie and shared experiences with your guide or prefer quiet moments of reflection and solitude, we’re here to make your journey uniquely yours. Our guides are always on hand to offer recommendations, directions, and insider tips to help you make the most of your free time.

Meals: Savouring Local Flavours

At Best of Caucasus, we believe that food is an integral part of the travel experience. We’ve carefully planned our meal arrangements to ensure you have the opportunity to taste local cuisine, explore your culinary curiosity, and make the most of your journey.

Breakfasts. Your accommodation includes buffet breakfasts served daily. Breakfasts provide you with a great start to your day.

Lunchtime freedom. Lunches during our tours are typically not included in the tour price. This intentional choice allows you the flexibility to decide what, where, and when you want to eat. Your knowledgeable guide will make convenient pauses during the day’s activities, giving you the chance to grab a quick snack, indulge in a local café, or choose a dining option that suits your preferences and budget. Your guide is always there to assist you in finding a suitable place to eat.

Delightful dinners. When it comes to dinner, we’ve got you covered. We believe that sharing meals with fellow travellers and experiencing the diversity of local cuisine is a highlight of any trip. That’s why dinners are typically included in our tour programs. You’ll have the opportunity to dine in different local restaurants, each offering its unique charm and culinary specialties. We never use the same restaurants during your tour.

Our dinner menus are thoughtfully curated to provide you with a wide range of food options, allowing you to explore and taste the local delicacies. You’ll be treated to a variety of dishes that showcase the flavours of the region.

Rest assured, there will be plenty of food to satisfy your appetite. In the unlikely event that you’re still hungry, additional dishes can always be ordered.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, or have specific dietary preferences, such as vegan or gluten-free, please inform us before your trip, and we will ensure that your culinary needs are met.

Group Tours: A Shared Journey of Discovery

Our group tours published on our website are a popular choice for travellers who enjoy the camaraderie and shared experiences of exploring new destinations with like-minded individuals. Here’s what you can expect when you choose one of our group tours:

The group experience. Group tours are designed for travellers who are open to new connections and enjoy the social aspect of travel. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow travellers from around the world, creating bonds and shared memories along the way.

Your group compositions can vary, especially if you’re visiting multiple countries. Some tourists may join the tour for the entire journey, while others may opt just for a single-country experience. This dynamic mix of participants can add to the richness of your travel experience.

The group language will always be English.

Experienced guides. Each group tour is led by one of our experienced english-speaking guides who are passionate about the destinations they introduce you to. They are there to provide insights, answer questions, and ensure the smooth operation of the tour. At each destination you will have a separte local guide. The guide will change at the border if you are visiting multiple countries.

Private tour option. For those seeking a more personalized experience, we also offer private and tailor-made trips. These options allow you to travel only with your chosen companions or have an itinerary crafted to your specific interests and preferences. If you wish to arrange the same group tour just for you, there will be a small surcharge to cover costs for a private guide and a driver. For a couple a surcharge will be £200 per person.

Gather your own group. If you have a group of friends or family members who share your wanderlust and are eager to explore the Caucasus together, you’re in for a treat. Simply gather your own small group, and let us know how many will be joining you. Once we have the details of your group size and preferences, we can tailor the travel experience to match your specific interests and desires. Whether it’s a family reunion, a friends’ getaway, or a special celebration, we can create an itinerary that suits your group’s dynamics and goals.

As a token of our appreciation for choosing to travel with your own group, we offer exclusive discounts on our tour packages.

Cultural Tours for All Ages

We believe that travel knows no age limits. Our cultural tours are designed to cater to travellers of all ages, from the young at heart to those who have a lifetime of experiences.

Our cultural tours are open to participants of any age group. Whether you’re 30, 50, or even over 70, you are welcome to embark on a journey with us. While our cultural tours are not active holidays, there may be some light walking involved. Occasionally, you might encounter uneven terrain, especially when exploring natural wonders like national parks or ancient cave cities. In the old towns (primarily in the town centre) there might be stone pavements, and not usual tarmac. All activities are designed to be accessible to participants with a moderate level of fitness.

The key to enjoying our cultural tours is not your age, but your open-mindedness and willingness to embrace new experiences. However, if you happen to feel tired you can always return to the car or relax in a local tourist centre / café if available.

Travellers with Disabilities

If you have a disability and require the use of a wheelchair, for example, there’s absolutely no problem at all. Your comfort and accessibility are our top priorities. Please do inform us of your specific disability so that we can make appropriate arrangements. We’ll ensure you have a private guide and a dedicated driver to assist you throughout your journey. It’s also advisable to have a companion with you for added support and enjoyment. However, if you are traveling alone, rest assured that we will cater to your requirements and make your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Your satisfaction and convenience are our utmost concern.

Adventure and Active Holidays

For those who seek more active and adventurous experiences, we also offer trekking holidays in Georgia and Armenia. These journeys are designed for adventure lovers who are ready to tackle challenging terrains, explore remote regions, and push their physical boundaries.

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